Monday, June 30, 2008

Party at David Moss's 6/26

Got off work at 11 and thought defiantly, "that's not going to stop me!" Drove up to Santa Monica after a little convincing, though, and met up with friends at David Moss's house. He's come back from Japan after a year of study there, and it was good to see him again, albeit somewhat awkward. Anyway, spent most of the night talking with Lauren and Chris. Met some dude named Jake who went to high school with them (but didn't know them), and hilarity ensued when it was discovered that he complemented Chris perfectly. Chris happens to be an amazing storyteller, and it turns out Jake was an ideal listener! He was engrossed, animated, and full of questions for Chris, it was so funny and cute. That was the highlight of the night, watching Chris recount crazy EMT stories and Jake listen open-mouthed, interrupting with, "so have you ever seen a person die in front of you??" Moderately morbid but mostly mirthful.

Went back to Lauren's afterward (I came back late because I stopped at Randy's...oh blissful glazed doughnut) and attempted to watch some Frontier House, but ended up just falling asleep. Ah well, a fun night with some new company.

And if you care to know, an update on the bite situation: I took matters into my own hands the next day and left a fan blowing over me the whole night. Awoke with no new bug bites and a day later found a dead mosquito near the fan site ( Vengeance is mine! Almost bought a net at REI a couple of days later but will see. I will probably have to catch West Nile before I cave.


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