Saturday, June 21, 2008

First day of summer

Seven recorded bug bites within the last twelve hours. All bright red, swollen and throbbing. Welcome to summer! Also, lots of sirens and sounds of a helicopter flying around. Welcome to Long Beach!

Edit: Make that eight.
Edit: It's almost 5am. It's not funny any more. I literally count twenty-three bug bites on my body; at least I think it's 23 but I honestly keep losing count. I am on the verge of tears and one foot is pulsating with pain. I don't know how to make it go away and there's no one to talk to. God, this is horrible.
Edit: 6/22 6pm. Cleaning room and killed a mosquito FILLED with my blood. Revenge! Meanwhile, keep finding bites all over body. Last count was around thirty. Look like am suffering from plague. Not looking forward to sleeping again tonight.


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