Monday, June 30, 2008

La Rondine and Daikokuya 6/28

La Rondine LAOpera
Photo by Robert Millard/LA Opera

Switched a shift to work 7a-3 so I could get off early enough to go to the opera that night. Originally it was supposed to have been me, Sarah, Graham and Graham's lady, but complications arose when Sarah missed a flight back from Seattle and plans got muddled. I called in Tony and after work, picked up Graham and Vanessa and drove to Santa Monica to pick up Tony. Unfortunately there was traffic (on a Saturday! bla) from the 10 in SM to downtown, but we arrived about 10 minutes late and were seated soon afterward. What with our being seated in the orchestra

[Edit: It's now early October. I'll finish this post for posterity's sake.]

What? Seated in the orchestra? Yeah fantastic seats...assigned to us. They were not the ones we were sitting in, though. Awkwardness ensued when I tried to reclaim our rightful seats, but whatever. La Rondine was beautiful, it was Vanessa's first opera and it was generally acclaimed.

After that we went (as is tradition now, I guess) to Daikokuya. I didn't want to hype it up too much so we stood around silently for the 45 minutes or so until we were seated. Then another twenty before we ate. And oh, was it worth it. The broth had never been so thick, the egg never so flavorful. It was a great meal among friends and the night ended with general goodwill toward the world.

Unfortunately, this was the weekend everything went down. Tony moved out of Lauren's the week after, I think, and I haven't spoken to him since.


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