Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The One Where They Eat All Day (8/19)

We did something completely new and exciting today.


Wait, that's not right.


That shot pretty much illustrates how the day started. Meanwhile, the only thing I have written down in my expense journal for the day is food from four--that's right--different eating establishments, books from a used bookstore, and a $23.60 bill from a vintage pen store where I bought an Italian seal of a "C", some green wax and the best erasable pen I've ever used (all currently gathering dust on my bookshelf). Oh, and the expense journal is how I keep track of what we do. Other people write in diaries or sketch things. Mine says what type of payment I used and my balance for the day. I am so interesting.

But back to this:

That was the human equivalent of half-full red party cups and sticky floors that we found the next morning. The night before, which consisted of wings and video games, evidently became such a rager Ashley's bed got some serious action. The man you see with his back turned so modestly toward the ladies is Ashley's friend Chris, who will be visiting LA for the first time when Ashley brings him here next week! To quote Kitty,


I actually don't think there was a rager. (I say think because most nights I was in Ashley's room reading Dracula.) We just don't have enough places to sleep. Most of the trip was the girls rotating between Ashley's bed (wooooooo) and the futon in the living room.

Here's a glimpse at the mild disaster area that is four girls' clothing for a weeklong trip. On my bags are "Atonement," one of the DVDs I got from Brighton Video earlier, and a postcard of the JFK inauguration from the visit to Brookline. Hanging out of Lauren's case is a hand-carved pipe she bought for our other friend Chris from the Redcoat Encampment. Also bras.

Here's where my memory gets fuzzy. I think today Ashley had work, so she left early that morning and we met up with her later when she got off work. The T is so navigable that we were not at all worried about being on our own. Lily and I decided to let our three sleeping beauties stay in their compromising position (God, I'm so glad I took that photo. It's so awkward!) and headed downtown by ourselves.

At one point I wandered into this shady looking building that was food-court-in-Big Trouble in Little China-esque and found a long line of businessmen leading to a very unglamorous storefront under a "Falafel King" sign. Following my stomach, I got in line and was promptly handed a warm, crisp falafel dipped in a bit of hummus. Sold.

When Lauren and Kim finally woke up, they headed with Chris and Nick to join us and Ashley. Kim had her things with her because this was her last day! She could only get away for a week.

One last meal together. Everyone got Lambert's again. I stuck with fruit and a Gatorade (don't hate). You may notice Lily is French-braiding Kim's hair. She started a total French braid fad while we were there! She must have done everyone's hair a dozen times.
kim's last day by lauren(by Lauren)

Case in point: our day at Harvard, when Lauren successfully French braided (Lily's) hair for the first time. Clearly we were utilizing our vacation time to the fullest.
french braid

We parted from the boys and the five of us boarded the train for the airport forlornly.

We stayed with her at the airport a bit, reflecting on her trip. It was a really interesting experience, because before that point Kim and I hadn't really spent too much time with each other. We've been friends since about 3rd and 4th grade, but being cross-country was a really random and fun way to get to know her. And then she was off!

We consoled ourselves with ice cream. And because we were so very sad, it couldn't be just any ice cream. Ashley took us to a place in her neighborhood called 3 Scoops. Funny story, I sometimes (ahem) talk without thinking, so when I walked into the store the aloof teenager behind the counter looked up briefly from his book and mumbled a greeting. Well, as I had been wont to do, I blabbered, "HAY HAY HAY" in my best Peter Griffin impersonation. The stark contrast between his unenthusiastic reaction to our arrival and my very enthusiastic reaction to the ice cream might not have been that big a deal were it not for my friends, who all tumbled in when it happened and looked on in silence for anything from the guy.

Nothing. The only response I got was from Lily, who took my arm and whispered, concerned, "did you just say 'hey hey hey' to that kid?" Nobody understands me!

Lily got mint chocolate chip. You know it's legit when it's not green.

I got cookies and cream. It was...I can't...describe it. Note how the cup seems bathed in an ethereal glow. That was a good way to imagine its taste.

I ask you, where in LA can I get ice cream like this? Please tell me!! It was dense and creamy, studded generously with soft, chocolatey pieces of Oreo and flecked with cookie dust. I totally would have gotten three scoops if I could have handled it. I wish I had.

Anyway. The day ended with... I don't know if I can bring myself to type it.

We got Wings again. Lily and I were so jazzed from last night's venture that we ordered from there for the second night in a row. If you had eaten there you'd understand, I swear it!

Seriously so sweet and soft. Not at all dry, which is what usually turns me off of cornbread.

So ends day 7!

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