Sunday, March 8, 2009

Boston: Day the Last (8/22)

And so we near the end of this epic East Coast journey! Our flight was scheduled for 6 that evening. With almost a full day ahead of us, we chose food.

We walked down Ashley's neighborhood (which was such a pleasant thing to do) to a little place called Cafenation that had shelves of fresh green tea and those tall spindly tables. I got a Caprese-style salad, which I remember being good but I definitely don't remember being worth the $10 I paid for it. It was served alongside a balsamic reduction that was a little too sweet for me.

Lauren chose some apple raisin affair. I ate the red onions and walnuts for her, because I'm a good friend.

Then we split this thing, because we're awesome. Who could turn down a Nutella strawberry crepe?

I can't remember what else we did today, again because I am awesome. So here is a picture of the mushroom soup I got at Au Bon Pain at Logan International:

And with some sweet farewells, we were off!

This is so ripe for Twilight Zone parody. I only wish I were as cool as William F. Shatner.

Los Angeles! How I missed you!

I really did. The first thing we did when we got in the car was pull into In-N-Out. Swoon! Sorry Boston, you can't beat that. But I'll be back, damnit! You'll never escape me! Evil lahahahaugh

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