Saturday, August 1, 2009

Clementine and the Ocean (5/6)

Lauren and I tried to go see Nathan Fillion when he was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Unfortunately the audience was packed and we couldn't get seats. So what did we do? We ate.

And it turns out, we're hilarious! Who needs celebrities?

We decided to go to Clementine, because it was mostly on our way back. Clementine is a sweet little restaurant in the Westwood-ish part of LA with a seasonal menu and food that you can pick up to-go.
IMG_1242 IMG_1241
IMG_1230 IMG_1246

Lauren's Monte Cristo-style sandwich with homemade strawberry jam

My asparagus and garlic sandwich with house-pickled cucumbers

IMG_1226 IMG_1239

This was just before we graduated, and our talk had consisted of exams and study sessions. But Mars shifted its rotation that day and we were both, well, free: neither of us had work, or class, and for one day we didn't worry about finals or papers or being late to anything except dinner. So we drove down the coast.
IMG_1284 IMG_1286

The air was so warm! The sun set as we headed home, and there was just music and salty ocean air. Anything could have happened and it would've been OK.

It was a good day. Even though we didn't see Nathan Fillion.

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