Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Disneyland. April Fool's! (4/1)

Lauren and I went to Disneyland on April Fool's Day for the last time before our passes expired on April 2nd. It had been a while since we'd gone, so we parked, walked excitedly over to the tram (during which we witnessed the kid-punching incident) and were just about to enter the park when I remembered--

Crap. My camera was in the car.

So good friend that she is, Lauren went with me back to the tram, to the parking lot, up the escalator and over to our car (note: the Disneyland parking structure is one of the biggest in the world with over 10,000 spaces) and retrieved the camera. Now we could enter the park.

Yes! Giant letters! The gold looks much better than that awful cloudy-sky tile that was on there for a while. Here I am.

Here's Lauren.

Tradition dictates that one must stop before walking under the bridge, have one person in the group read this sign aloud in a serious, magical tone, and with linked arms, all must WHOOSH under the bridge in one breath. That's how you enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.

Sorry, vintage Disneyland posters under the bridge! We're too busy WHOOSHing!

Fresh blurry flowers on Main Street.

Please ignore that blob in the foreground. Lauren and I have almost perfected the art of "taking photos of each other" when really we're "capturing the ghastly group in the background." ("Quick! Take a picture of me in front of this pole!" = "Oh my god please get photographic evidence of that person standing right there.") They were worse up close.

(Case in point.) Look! I'd like to know this gentleman a little better. There's more to him than the tie-dyed muscle shirt, green neckerchief and bozo friends than meets the eye.

Ah! The elusive heavy metal hotties again!

Lauren and I went to eat at Cafe Orleans, which has pretty much what the Blue Bayou offers without the ambience. And as much as we enjoy the BB's ambience (we like sitting by the water and waving to the passersby on Pirates) we are still poor college students. (At least until this week. Damn, what's my excuse going to be now??)

We chose a good table for people-watching and proceeded to people-watch the hell out of this child, who couldn't seem to cut into that brick with his pirate sword, as hard as he tried. Have I also mentioned we're creepers?

Lauren and I skipped over to DCA to go on Tower of Terror a couple of times (we can't get enough of that ride. So fun!) and stopped at the letters. We took some shots, but I can't expect to hog the "C" forever. There are more important people around. I'm not disgruntled about it. No, we're all very gruntled here.

Lauren is just too cool for school.

This is what she looks like when punched in the face. Yeah, I did that. She giggles when you punch her, I invite anyone to test that.

This is me putting up with Lauren's crap.

This is Lauren putting up with my crap.

And for putting up with my crap, this is Robert, pianist extraordinaire!

That is all.

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